Friday, July 19, 2019


In the last 12 months we have seen our pitches at last come to fruition. We moved mountains to make it happen. Twenty four thousand tonnes of soil, brought in by our good friends at HACS. An engineering design created by STRI and approved by everyone from HBC, NYCC, Scotton Parish Council and many more!. Funded by amazing fundraising from everyone in the club and of course a grant from the Football Foundation, developed with West Riding County FA. With the base in place Cleveland Land Services have built the pitches and developed them in to incredible community facilities, which will benefit generations for years to come.
We took a former household tip site and made it in to something special.

Opening day Sunday 15th September 2019. Formal handover Saturday 2nd November 2019.  

Layers and layers of soil, quality checked at each stage, building up the base to ensure on completion there are no dips or subsidence.
Edging off to integrate the base in to the existing space and developing the carpark

Drains going in and a race against time!

If we dont get the seed in now, then the we wont be on the pitch until 2020!

Winters coming, but the draimage works perfectly as planned! Those guys at STRI and Cleveland Land services knew what they were doing.
 Its still really wet, but here comes the grass. Planted just before Winter sets in and in view in November 18

By June its looking really good! and with 5 months more TLC its going to be amazing. Cant wait to get the games on!!